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Hello hello!  This is Poco-ssi!  Please tell me if this page looks completely horrid or anything ^^

  • THIS IS ONLY TEMPORARY. When Whit comes back, she'll make this nicer.
  •  Whit is on vaca for now so Morgan and I will be here instead!  Please send any doubts or concerns to us and suggestions are welcome!
  • Roleplay is a little slow!  Please feel free to make up mini-plots with only several characters or so, but nothing too big.  Forbidden love is completely fine and awesome!
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Welcome to Prophecies of the Clans!


"To save the clans from their dismise,

Five must look beyond their eyes."


Many cats are dying. Is there any hope left at all? What is causing these cats to turn on those that they love? Their symptoms are getting worse. Time is running low, will their doom be settled like those before them?

Can there be a shed of hope in their lives? Perhaps the five in the prophecy can save them? Watching their clanmates die, they act on the only thing they know. Instinct.

Someone spots an island on the shore. Perhaps there are herbs there that may help the dying cats? Leaders are met with fate and send five of their strongest warriors to the island.

Five. One from each clan.  Could this be the end? Or the start of a brand new mystery? Whatever happens must happen quick, the sick can not wait much longer.

The deadly symptoms include the following:

  • Coughing up blood
  • Yellow pus around eyes
  • Twitching
  • Hallucinations
  • Attacking those you love
  • Being lethal to those around you
  • Foamy mouths  

T     m   e  -  c   a   n  -  o   n   l   y  -  t   e   l   l



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